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Key Features

No translation necessary

Translating words into your own language is not a very efficient way to learn – and it is not necessary with our videos because you just watch & learn.

Online chats

Make friends in our chat-room and take advantage of our ‘English only’ policy to chat with other students and teachers from around the world.

Teaching material

Our low-cost teaching material enables teachers to download and use whatever they need.

Faqs section

Many students have doubts about many grammatical subjects – find the answers to the universal questions we have compliled.

Self-study learning

Teach yourself vocabulary and grammar rules if you need them.

User friendly apps

Earn promo codes for our apps for smartphones.

The natural way to learn English...

Our Method

1 | Watch

Our original videos are suitable for teachers and students. they were designed to enable students of English to not only watch and understand the vocabulary but also learn the correct pronunciation of every word.Every video is accompanied by a teacher’s file which contains full lesson plans and multi-ability teaching techniques.

2 | Listen

Our listen and learn section contains thousands of sound files designed to either test your English from beginner to advanced levels or just listen to some original short stories. All the tests are accompanied by downloadable files to use either in a classroom or in the comfort of your home.

3 | Read

Our read and learn section has something for everyone. 2 full length novels containing the 5,000 most used words in the English language, 12 chapters each focusing on a grammatical subject ‘hidden’ in the story. over 500 short stories designed for levels A1 all the way to C2 – these stories come with explanations for the vocabulary and more.

Our Application


English in context | Campus

All our material is available on our website

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Teachers and Students

Teacher friendly material - easy to share with students and have immediate feedback

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Student | multi-ability material

Possibility to use our multi-ability material to make sure that students have material that suits their needs

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Application available on mobile

More possibilities on our mobile application

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